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The Colby Scholarly Book Prize

Nomination Deadline: February 19, 2019, for books published  in 2018.

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals is inviting nominations of books published in 2018 that are eligible for the Robert and Vineta Colby Scholarly Book prize. Please contact with any questions not answered below.

Nomination Eligibility

Titles may be nominated by publishers or by the reading public.
In addition to being published in 2018, the nominated book should have any aspect of the nineteenth-century periodical press as either its central focus or as a substantial element in its scholarly discussion. Monographs, edited volumes of essays, reference books, bibliographies, and scholarly editions are eligible for consideration, as well as biographies or critical studies of people who edited, financed, contributed to, or illustrated periodicals.

The Colby Book Prize was endowed in 2006 in memory of Robert Colby by his wife, Vineta Colby, distinguished scholars and long-time members of RSVP. In 2011, following Vineta’s death, the Board of Directors of RSVP unanimously voted to re-name the prize to honor both Robert and Vineta Colby for their many fine contributions to the study of Victorian periodicals and their long commitment to RSVP.
The Colby Prize is intended to honor original book-length scholarship about Victorian periodicals and newspapers, of the kind that Robert and Vineta Colby themselves produced during their careers. The annual prize is awarded to a book published during the preceding year that most advances our understanding of the nineteenth-century British press. The winner receives a monetary award of up to $2,000 and is invited to speak at the following year’s RSVP conference.

Submit your nomination by February 8, 2019 using the form at